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There are three possible reasons behind this: clogged condensate pipe, cracked or damaged condensate pan, and frozen coils. 


The water produced by your air conditioning unit during the cooling process is caught by the condensate pan and driven outside through the condensate pipe. The pipe, however, can get caked with dirt and grime over time, causing the water to stay in the pan.


The pan isn’t designed to hold much water and can overflow. It’s also possible that the pan developed holes and cracks, causing water to leak. On the other hand, the frozen coil can cause a water leak if the ice forms in the coils outside the dimension of the pan.

You may be able to unclog your drains using boiling water and a baking soda and vinegar solution. However, its effectiveness will depend on what clogs your drain in the first place. If it’s just grease or soap scum, the solution may work. But to be sure the drain is clog-free, hire a professional plumber that provides drain cleaning services.

One of the common reasons is a dirty, damaged, or misaligned thermocouple. The thermocouple is what opens the gas valve once it senses flame. If it can’t detect the pilot light, which may happen if it’s clogged with dirt, damaged or misaligned, it won’t open the gas valve, so the pilot light won’t get enough gas supply to stay lit.