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Faulty air conditioning installation can lead to a variety of problems like short cycling. Make sure your A/C is installed right so it can make your space comfortable right off the bat with the help of professionals.


At Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing, we offer an A/C installation service in White Oak, TX and nearby areas. Our team understands how important and expensive an air conditioning unit is, so we only employ and deploy A/C installers who know how to handle your cooling system with care and install it right the first time.  


Variables That Affect Air Conditioning Installation Cost in White Oak, TX


Actually, we cannot give an air conditioning installation price if we don’t understand your air conditioning installation project. A lot of variables need to be taken into account, including the following:


A/C Type


There are various types of air conditioning units, including split and central systems, etc. And their installation prices vary. 


Split A/C units normally consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit but they can come with more than one indoor unit. The installation isn’t invasive and complex so the cost isn’t too high either. 


Central cooling systems, on the other hand, consist of one outdoor compressor unit and a network of ducts to distribute the cooled air across the home. Central units can be quite costlier than the split type if there’s no ductwork yet in the property or the existing ductwork needs modification.


A/C Size


Air conditioning units also have their cooling capacity. The cooling capacity is measured in the British Thermal Unit (BTU). The recommended BTU per square foot is 20. So you have to know the dimension of the room to be cooled and multiply it by 20. 


However, it is important to note that the size of the room isn’t the only factor in play when calculating the right size of the A/C. A number of factors like the floor of the house and degree of shade. A professional A/C installation company in White Oak, TX can help you determine the right A/C size. 


Efficiency Level


The most efficient and powerful cooling systems can be a bit pricey, but they’ll help you stay cool without consuming too much electricity.


To find out if a cooling system is energy-efficient, you can look at its SEER rating. The minimum required level of 13 or 14 will ensure that your home’s temperature stays consistent without wasting too much electricity – but units of higher efficiencies cost more than lower ones.


Let the Professionals Install Your Unit


There are many benefits of hiring a licensed A/C installation company in White Oak, TX. Here are some of them.


  • • Protect your unit’s warranty
  • • Ensure the system is installed properly and safely
  • • Expect fast installation service without the hassles and troubles of DIY
  • • Get covered when something goes wrong during the installation process.


Contact Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing for a Professional A/C Installation Service! 


If you’re searching for a professional A/C installation company in White Oak, TX or nearby areas, look no further than Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing. We are Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. Our technicians are NATE-certified, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. 


In terms of installation cost, rest assured we only offer a fair price. Please contact us at 903-758-6482 for a free estimate.