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Do you use a heat pump as a heating source or a supplemental system to your main heater? If YES, then you probably know that it can be prone to refrigerant leaks as it works.

Worry no more! Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing provides quality heater system repair in Gladewater, TX and the nearby areas.

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Why Do Heat Pumps Use Refrigerant?

Your heat pump needs refrigerant to work. Without refrigeration, your heat pump will just be another heater that generates new heat.

Heat pumps don’t work like other types of heaters that create new heat. Instead, they transfer the existing heat from the outdoor air into your home. In the process, they require evaporation of refrigerant in the outdoor coil and condensation of refrigerant in the indoor coil after a compression to increase thermal energy.

However, when your heat pump has cracks, it could leak refrigerant that might become a serious issue when not fixed immediately. It is always advised to hire heater system repair in Gladewater, TX, to fix the problem right away.

Warning Signs Your Heat Pump Has Refrigerant Leaks

Your heat pump may still work when it experiences a refrigerant leak. In fact, it won’t cause your unit to break down easily. But if the problem is left untreated, it can cause terrible damage to the system’s overall condition over time. You have to schedule a heating system repair in Gladewater, TX right away.

Try to observe your heat pump, and if you see these three warning signs, then your unit might have a refrigerant leak already.

Reduced Comfort

Your home will become less comfortable when your unit has a refrigerant leak. A reduced refrigerant charge will put extra stress on different parts of your unit, resulting in poor heating performance and reduced comfort in your home.


Short Cycle Operation

Short cycling is such an annoying thing when you need quality heating on the cold days of winter. So when your heat pump runs erratically, make no mistake about it—your unit is facing a serious problem. If your unit is sized properly or you change your air filter regularly, then the problem probably lies in leaking refrigerant.  

High Utility Bills

You use your heat pump to heat your home efficiently—and not to suffer from poor comfort and pay for high energy bills that come each month. This is particularly true when your heat pump leaks refrigerant. With a sufficient refrigerant charge, your unit will surely work at its best performance, keeping your bills low.

Need Fast and Expert Heating Services?

A leaking refrigerant is a problem you should not handle yourself. Leave the job to the experts’ hands for fast and dependable repair.

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