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No air conditioning system can escape breakdowns. That’s probably why you’ve made it to this page. If you’re looking for help to get your A/C back up and running, you can trust experts at Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing. 


Napps Cooling, Heating, & Plumbing has been providing complete HVAC services, including A/C repair in Gladewater, TX for decades. Our team has extensive years of experience under our belt, and our techs are licensed and qualified to handle all types of repairs on all makes and models of air conditioners. 


Tips to Minimize the Risk of A/C Breakdown


We understand how frustrating it is when your air conditioning system breaks down. While our team is always available to help fix the problem and get your system back up and running as fast as possible, we also want you to experience uninterrupted comfort. So we share some things you can do to minimize the risk of air conditioning breakdown. 


Change the filters as necessary.


A dirty air filter is one of the leading causes of A/C problems. The good news is, a measure as simple as cleaning can prevent problems that stem from filthy filters. If you have a central A/C unit, you should change the filter at least once every three months and as often as needed if the unit is running all the time. Generally, the frequency of air filter cleaning will depend on the type of your filter. Ask the manufacturer for dependable advice.


Give your system a break.


The less work your cooling system has to do the less likely it will be that the unit will break down. So give your system a break once and a while. You can invest in a fan such as a ceiling fan to keep cool air circulating throughout your space. If there’s a window, open it up and let some fresh air in. 


Check the condensate line for any blockages.


When your A/C is on, the system reduces the room’s humidity by pulling the moisture out of your indoor air. While collecting moisture, the water drips into the condensate pan and travels down the condensate line.


If the line is clogged, the accumulated water may back up and cause damage to your unit. Make it a habit to check the condensate line for any blockage. If there are any, make sure to get rid of them.


Don’t skip out on your system’s maintenance.


Preventative A/C maintenance service costs some bucks. So some property owners choose to skip this service to save money. But without professionals checking your system annually, it is possible for minor problems to go unnoticed.


By the time you notice a problem, you may already be dealing with a major A/C repair need in Gladewater, TX. So don’t forget to schedule A/C maintenance to prevent frequent A/C problems. 


Replace your old system.


If you have been making a frequent visit to an A/C repair tech, it’s time to look for a replacement system. Any of these tips won’t work anymore.


Air Conditioning Unit Not Working? Call Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing!


Did your air conditioning unit stop blowing cold air? Or have you noticed some problems? Either way, Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing will be more than glad to offer a quality A/C repair in Gladewater, TX if you seek our help.


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