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Residential And Commercial A/C Maintenance In White Oak, TX

AC Maintenance White Oak

As an occupant in a building, would you feel discomfort if you have a problem with temperature control and proper air distribution? If your answer is yes, it only shows how essential ventilation and air conditioning units are. 


And knowing the importance of these cooling systems, those who benefit from them must learn how to take care of these components. Thus, knowing the reputation of A/C maintenance in White Oak, TX, it is recommended for residential and commercial properties. 


What to Know About A/C Systems


 Nothing lasts forever–even your air conditioning unit also has its limit. That is why knowing its average lifespan is vital, no matter how high-quality the product is. 


If the unit is new, it will perform at its best. But a time will come when the machine will age. As a result, some of its parts will start to fail and deteriorate. Also, the specific air conditioner parts have a different average lifespan from the system in total. 


However, longevity is possible with proper A/C maintenance in White Oak, TX. Thus, experts recommend keeping the unit well-maintained. 


An A/C unit has many parts that work together, and these have different specific jobs to do. Let’s find out some of these significant components.


Outdoor/Condenser Coil. 


Your air conditioner at the outdoor unit is made up condenser coil as an outer wall. This part of your A/C unit withdraws heat from the refrigerant, expelling it to the external surroundings. It has a longer average lifespan due to its shallow failure rate. 


Indoor/Evaporator Coil. 


Most outdoor coils today are made of steel, aluminum, and copper. It is either located in the air handler or on a furnace. This part of the A/C unit sends heat onto the compressor after absorbing it from the house. 




This component of the A/C unit has both mechanical and electrical parts to it. As the most vital piece of all cooling units, it poses inside the air conditioner and pumps the refrigerant to and from the heat switching parts. It is the priciest part of the system too.


Expansion Valve. 


You can spot this right in between the evaporator and condenser. A gas is formed after the refrigerant expands in this part of the A/C unit. This happens after a drop in the pressure and is quickly air conditioned too. 


Improve Your A/C Performance!


Undoubtedly, professional maintenance can contribute to your A/C system’s overall performance. Some other factors to consider are the condition of its electrical parts and the proper amount of refrigerant. All these will help in making the air conditioner efficient. 


Accordingly, providing cooling and humidity control in your property is our mission at Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing. We manage the entire operation of A/C-related servicing requirements for all dimensions of buildings – whether you desire a whole system to be installed or a standalone air conditioner. 


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Trust only the experts to cool down your home or workplace, especially in the hot season. The cooling process depends on both interior and exterior weather conditions. For this reason, we deliver wide-ranging approaches based on different situations.


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