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Before the winter finally rolls in, give your air conditioning unit the care it needs to stay functional the next time you run it. Contact Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing for comprehensive, top-notch A/C maintenance service in Gilmer, TX.

How to Keep Your A/C Running at Maximum Performance

Keeping your air conditioner in its best condition doesn’t have to be expensive. Most maintenance tasks are simple and don’t involve special tools or money but have proven effective in minimizing A/C damage. All you just need is to invest time and effort in the process.

Check your air filter. 

Dirty air filters make your A/C unit work twice as hard to keep you cool. It is also often the cause of many other A/C problems, such as frozen evaporator coil. So the air filter must be clean at all times.

After every few months of use, check the filter for dirt. Slide the filter out and hold it against the light. If little or no light passes through, it needs cleaning or replacement. Replace the air filter if it’s disposable, and wash if it’s not.

Clean the condenser coils.

You should thoroughly clean your condenser coils at least once a month to remove any dirt, leaves, twigs, or other debris that may have accumulated there. Use a stiff brush and non-corrosive cleaner to scrub the area.

Keep leaves away from the air vents. 

If you’re facing trouble keeping your A/C running at its maximum performance, check to see if there are any leaves near the air vents. Leaves can block airflow and make it impossible for your unit to cool your home effectively. It’s also possible that you accidentally placed furniture near the vents, causing an obstruction.

If you still think there’s a problem after removing the leaves and blockage, turn off your unit and call an A/C maintenance company in Gilmer, TX to check it.

Clean the surrounding area of the condenser. 

Keep the area surrounding the condenser clean. Please get rid of debris, twigs, leaves, dirt before they make their way inside your outdoor unit and wreak havoc on the components. You should also clean the outdoor unit to avoid overheating. But be careful because the condenser has parts that are easily damaged.

Check and unclog the condenser line.

The water produced during the cooling process exits the unit through the condensate drain line. But the drain pipes could get clogged over time and cause the water to leak. So check the drain line occasionally and unclog it when needed. 

The steps listed above will only do so much in terms of keeping your unit in its best condition. It is still recommended to get routine professional maintenance annually.

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