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One of the essential components of your home is the air conditioning unit. A correct A/C installation gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that they can comfortably sit still, especially during the hot summer months.


For expert A/C Installation in Kilgore, TX, reach us at Napps Cooling Heating & Plumbing.  We have experienced and qualified comfort specialists that will serve you with the best quality A/C installation. We offer the highest standards for superior service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


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Common A/C Installation Mistakes to Avoid


If you are planning to install an A/C, you must be aware that incorrect installation steps can lead to many problems. Having a non-professional handle complicated A/C installation is not advisable. Hence, you need to hire your local expert in A/C Installation in Kilgore, TX, to ensure quality service.


Here are some of the most common A/C installation mistakes you should know about.


Picking the Wrong Size A/C


The A/C unit can either be too big or too small for your home. If you install a small A/C, it may not be able to cool the space it is meant to. On the other hand, if it’s too big, it can perhaps prevent dehumidification and may continually cycle off and starts to deteriorate too soon.


Not Enough Clearance


Whether it is ducted A/C or split A/C, keep in mind to provide sufficient space with at least 2 feet clearance on all sides between the wall and the A/C unit. This will ensure proper circulation of air and releasing of heat.


Lack of Insulation


It is essential to take note that the air conditioner refrigerant must be insulated on the suction line. If there is no insulation, the efficacy of your air conditioner will go considerably low. At the same time, the same problem will occur whenever your insulation is not done properly.


Wiring Done Wrong


Commonly, wiring issues happen whenever the technician is not too experienced or an amateur. He or she might end up doing sloppy work, which may be risky and can create faults in the unit.  So, make sure to hire only the best and experienced HVAC service provider near you.


Lengthy Refrigerant Pipes


Refrigerant pipes that connect the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner should be kept short. Having too long pipes can make it difficult for the A/C unit to complete the cooling cycle, leading to an overworked compressor and wearing itself down.


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Make the most out of the air condition unit in your home or office by installing it the right way. At Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing, we offer complete solutions for all your air conditioning needs in Kilgore, TX, and other nearby areas. With our technicians packed with extensive knowledge, skills, and experience, we are confident to give you the best quality A/C installation service.


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