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A/C installation is a complex job that must be left to professionals. Otherwise, you may have to deal with multiple A/C problems in the future. 


For a quality A/C installation in Gladewater, TX, trust Napps Cooling, Heating, & Plumbing techs. We have qualified and experienced comfort specialists who can handle the entire installation process and deliver quality results. Also, we only install the most trusted brand of air conditioning for your home or business. 


The Difference Between Ductless & Ducted Air Conditioning System


Air conditioning systems fall into two categories: ductless and ducted. When you’re renovating your space or drawing up plans for your new home or office, you’ll have to choose between the aforementioned A/C types. Knowing the difference between the two categories can help you select the right system for your space.


Ducted Air Conditioning Systems


Also known as central air conditioning systems, ducted A/C provides cooling or heating through ductwork. Air is sent through ducts from a central location to cool or heat all rooms. All rooms are air-conditioned simultaneously and uniformly. 


Ducted A/C usually consists of a compressor, condenser, and an air handling unit. A/C components are located in one singular unit and are usually placed either on the roof or outside beside the building’s wall. 


Ductless Air Conditioning System


Ductless air conditioning units are standalone systems. They do not require any system of ducts to move air from one space to another. Instead, indoor units are placed in every room for individual heating and cooling.


Therefore, ductless A/C installation in Gladewater, TX will be faster. It also gives you better control over the temperature. Each indoor unit works independently, enabling individual temperature settings. 


What’s the Best A/C Type for My Space?


Air conditioning systems are a complex piece of engineering. So, there’s no hard and fast rule about choosing a ducted A/C or ductless. Many things need to be taken into account. Generally, the final option boils down to your specific needs. 


Below, we’ve listed the pros and cons of ductless and ducted to help you in decision-making.


Ducted Air Conditioning System



• It removes humidity indoors faster than its ductless counterpart.

• It is usually aesthetically appealing since it uses vents that give out a discrete and unobtrusive look.

• It offers an enhanced airflow.

• Most properties in the US built since 2000 include central ducts. If your space has existing central ducts, installing a ducted type of A/C will save you installation cost.



• If there’s no central duct available, the installation cost can be high.

• Less efficient than the ductless counterpart. 

• Maintenance intensive


Ductless Air Conditioning Systems



• No ducts mean less footprint

• Multi-zoning

• Improved efficiency

• The absence of ducts removed any potential for dirt and dust, resulting in better air quality



• A unit needs to be placed inside the room, which can be an eyesore and obtrusive. 

• It does not provide a large amount of airflow.


Let us help you determine and install the right A/C for your space. Contact Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing today!


To achieve maximum indoor comfort, you have to install a cooling system that meets your space’s requirements. The options in the market can be overwhelming. But fret not because we have certified technicians and installers with in-depth knowledge about air conditioning. We’re confident that we can handle your cooling needs.


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