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Multiply the square footage of the room or house to be cooled with 25 BTU. The result is likely the BTU you should look for in an air conditioning unit. However, many other factors should be taken into account, such as the number of windows, the climate in your area, etc. It is best if you check with your trusted HVAC tech before making any purchase.

The gurgling sound is a cry for help from your plumbing system. A toilet makes a gurgling sound in various scenarios, such as when the drain line is clogged, the vent stack is blocked/clogged, or the mainline has a problem. So if you hear this weird noise, don’t ignore it. Immediately contact your trusted plumber in Gilmer, TX for help.

Sewage backup can happen for many reasons. One common reason is tree roots growing into sewer pipes. When tree roots get inside the pipes, they often create cracks and holes or block sewage flow. When sewage doesn’t have anywhere to go, it will go back in your place and cause a nasty mess.


You can prevent sewage backup with plumbing maintenance or an overhead sewer system.