What To Know About HVAC Maintenance Agreement & Why You Need It?

What To Know About HVAC Maintenance Agreement & Why You Need It?
Do you want your HVAC system to run efficiently all year long? There is one great solution for that! An HVAC maintenance agreement is all you need to keep your system at best performance for all season. Here’s what you need to know about the agreement and the benefits that come with it. What is an HVAC Maintenance Contract? An HVAC maintenance contract, also known as maintenance program or maintenance agreement is a bond between an HVAC contractor and a homeowner where the former agrees to perform a list of duties and services stated in the contract. The agreement entitles the owner of several benefits concerning the HVAC system on an annual basis. Pricing and specifics may vary from one company to another. Should You Get One? Definitely! Check Out These Benefits
  • Priority Service During Emergencies
Need an emergency repair for your heating or cooling system? With the agreement, you always come first! There is no need to fall in long queues of customers because you are the top priority.
  • Labor Warranty
Majority of manufacturers and HVAC companies offer basic warranty on their products and equipment (same with us). But, what about the labor? This is where a maintenance contract gets in. If anything goes wrong with your system, you need not worry about the labor costs.
  • HVAC Parts Warranty
If you are a member who has been consistently registered in the program, parts that have been acquired and paid for will get warranty discounts. When the parts under warranty failed, it is the company who ends up paying the price not you!
  • Free Regular Inspection
Committing to a maintenance plan helps maintain the efficiency of your system while maximizing comfort and safety. How? As an added benefit, your system gets a routine checkup or diagnostic that reduces the risk of untimely breakdown while extending its lifespan.
  • Savings, Incentives, and Discounts
As long as the agreement is intact, you are entitled to discounts, incentives and more savings on HVAC accessories, parts, repairs, and other services. The contract entitles you of significant discounts meaning you will pay less for the same service every time your system malfunctions or breaks down. Amazing benefits awaits you when you sign up an HVAC maintenance agreement with Napps Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today! Think of it as insurance that ensures you of more savings and dependable service any time of the year. For more information, contact our experts today! We would be happy to entertain questions regarding the maintenance program that works best for you.    


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