ClickCease What are EER & SEER Ratings? An Energy Efficient A/C Guide
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What are EER & SEER Ratings? An Energy Efficient AC Guide

What are EER & SEER Ratings? An Energy Efficient AC Guide
When eyeing for a new A/C unit in Longview, TX, you will surely encounter terms like EER and SEER on any types and models of air conditioning system. But, what exactly do they mean? How is a SEER different from EER? Let’s discuss what these terms mean and which one is best for your home. Energy Efficiency in Air Conditioning Units With an energy efficient air conditioner, you can save thousands on your monthly bill. Although higher efficiency units are more expensive compared to their counterparts, your investment is truly worth the price. The U.S Department of Energy (DOE) has set the minimum EER/SEER ratings for A/C units ranging from 8 to 30. These numbers indicate the energy efficiency of the unit. Understanding EER and SEER Ratings Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) Check your air conditioner, and you will see an EER rating on the Energy Guide Label.  The rating shows how efficient a unit can work under specific temperature conditions considering factors including humidity (50%), indoor temperature (80 degrees F) and outdoor temperature (95%). ERR rating is common among room air conditioners which is measured in BTU (British Thermal Units) over the wattage of the unit. This rating is a useful instrument to compare units in terms of their overall performance and efficiency.  Air conditioning units with 11 or higher EER rating are best for you energy-saving goals. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) SEER measures the efficiency and performance of an air conditioning unit over an entire cooling season.  If EER is measured under a single set of settings, SEER ratings are identified by various conditions such as temperature (outdoor and indoor) and humidity levels. You would often encounter SEER ratings when you are on the market for a central A/C or mini-split system.  This rating is highly useful for calculating your overall energy costs throughout the summer season. But take note that SEER does not consider regional temperatures meaning – an energy efficient unit in Longview may not be effective in other parts of Texas with higher temperatures than normal. How to Know Which Rating You Need For Your Home Planning to purchase a new air conditioner? If you need help in choosing which type of cooling unit to buy for your home, we at NAPPS, Cooling, Heating & Plumbing can help. You can consult our specialists for wise advice regarding the energy efficiency rating that works best for your comfort needs in Longview, TX. Contact us today.  


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