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Marshall’s Expert HVAC Contractor Listed Signs of a Broken Compressor

Signs of broken compressor

Is My Air Conditioner Compressor Broken?

When your air conditioning unit malfunctions, you start to panic and feel like you are
losing your hard-earned investment. Air conditioners work through a series of
mechanical parts, including the compressor. When it fails, it can be the start of a
disaster. How can you tell if the compressor has malfunctioned?

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Be mindful of these warning signs of a broken compressor to prevent possible
comfort issues.

Motor Noises
Do you hear a ticking, clicking, rumbling, or chattering sound? A noisy air conditioner
signals trouble and damage, particularly in the compressor. When your A/C unit
starts to produce strange sounds, it could mean that the motor is loosed or broken.
Odd noises are also signing that some components of your air conditioner are
wearing out, causing your unit to start harder. Let your A/C repair in Marshall, TX,
fix the issue, and discuss with you the solutions.

Moisture and Leaks
Compressor failure leads to moisture buildup. If you notice moisture around the
system, it simply means that the refrigerant has leaked out. When left unnoticed, it
results in major problems such as respiratory-related issues. Contact your HVAC
repair in Marshall, TX, to address the problem immediately.

Warm Air
Another sign of compressor malfunction is when your system blows in warm air. A
broken compressor finds it hard to pump the refrigerant through your air conditioning
unit, reducing its cooling power. In some cases, the compressor fails because of a
refrigerant leak. If you ignore this problem, your system might stop delivering cool air
in your home.

Vibration in the Condenser Unit
Does your outdoor unit shake or vibrate when it turns on? Vibration in your outdoor
unit indicates “hard starting” or the difficulty of turning on. When your system is
nearly failing, vibration happens. You can deal with the problem by turning it on and off. Or better yet, bring in your trusted HVAC professionals to check the unit and provide effective solutions.

Tripping Circuit Breaker
Your compressor is in trouble when your circuit breaker trips and loses power every
once in a while. This happens when the compressor draws too much power and
overheats. Experts advise not to reset the circuit breaker repeatedly to prevent the
risk of fire. The smartest thing to do is to call your contractor regarding the problem
with your circuit breaker.

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As soon as you notice these symptoms in your unit, you should call for professional
help immediately. Contact your local air conditioning company in Marshall, TX,
Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing, to rescue you in times of trouble.