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Local Plumbing Company in Kilgore, TX Debunks the Common Plumbing Myths

Napps local plumbing company debunks the common plumbing myths

Plumbing Misconceptions Everyone Should Know

With lots of misbeliefs going around, as a homeowner, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not about plumbing systems. As your local contractor providing quality plumbing repair in Kilgore, TX, it’s our job to expose these misbeliefs and state the fact.

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Here are some plumbing misconceptions that you should not fall prey to:

Anything Can Go Down Garbage Disposal

Some still believe that putting a fruit skin down the disposal is alright, especially lemon peels for a great aroma. However, this is not the right solution to odor control at your disposal.

Garbage disposal is designed to break down any waste or leftover—but not all!  Other waste such as fibrous vegetables, poultry skin, coffee grinds, cooking oil, and grease can cause immeasurable damage to your garbage disposal system.

Few Drips is Not a Problem

You might be one of those who think that a pipe and slab leak in Kilgore, TX is not a big deal. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), about 1 trillion gallons of water is wasted in the US each year due to leaks.

Experts believe that a leaky drain can trigger a large plumbing disaster in the long run. A faucet leak can amount to a higher water bill over time. If a leak or drip is not resolved immediately, it can also stain your plumbing fixtures—meaning you’ll be spending more money on repairs or complete system replacement at worst.

Flushable Wipes are Flushable

Most wipes, including those labeled as “flushable” like toilet papers, can’t go down into your sewer system because they are non-biodegradable materials. When flushed, they don’t break down quickly. Once mixed with other waste or garbage, these flushable wipes can clog the whole system. The same reason why plumbers would tell you: toilets are for waste only, and anything else can go to the trash.

It’s Hard to Get a Plumber Appointment

As one of the worst plumbing misconceptions that most people might have believed. Scheduling service with a plumber or technician isn’t difficult at all. You have to know the right person to call and the right time to do it.

Whether you need installation, maintenance, or repair of your plumbing system, it should never be a problem. Contact your trusted contractor, provide all the necessary information. Make sure to schedule a visit ahead of time so there won’t be any issues on both sides.

Hopefully, we have cleared some of your plumbing misconceptions. Leave us all your plumbing worries if you’re looking for slab leak repair near Kilgore, TX! Contact us at Napps to learn how we can help you.

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