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Gladewater’s Plumbing Experts Share Ways to Detect Water Leak Under Slab

Gladewater's plumbing experts share ways to detect water leak under slab

How to Detect Water Leak Under Slab

 The pipes underneath your house aren’t made to last forever. Eventually, they will erode and leak. It’s also possible for a slab leak to happen due to poor plumbing installation in Gladewater, TX. When the leak occurs, it’s important to address the problem immediately. Leaks under the slab can develop into bigger, expensive problems. 

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Detecting the leak is pretty simple, as long as you know what to look for. In this blog, you’ll find the signs of a slab leak.


Outrageous Increase in Water Bill

This isn’t always an indication of a water leak under a slab, as this can happen if there are changes in consumption or water supplier’s rate. But it’s a good place to start. If you think nothing has changed, but your water bill is higher than normal, it’s safe to say that the culprit is a water leak. So it’s worth checking your water pipes if you think your water bill is higher than normal.


Damp Spots or Water on the Floor

Water from a leak may escape and pool on top of the concrete. So look for areas that are unexpectedly damp or look darker. The water or damp spots may be from your leaking air conditioner. In this case, search for a contractor that offers not only plumbing services but also HVAC & refrigeration services in Gladewater, TX. If there are no appliances that could leak water or no rainwater that could enter your home, there’s a chance of slab leak. 


Damage on the Floor

Most water leaks under the slab happen because of damaged fresh-water pipes. But there’s also a chance that the leak is coming from your sewer pipes. No matter what kind of pipe is leaking, the water from the slab leak will eventually reach your flooring (it can’t go anywhere but up) and cause damage such as cracks. 


Unpleasant Smell

Mold may grow if the damp area due to slab leak isn’t dried immediately. This fungus can release spores that don’t smell good and can even be dangerous to your health. So if a certain part of your home smells musty, find the source. It may lead you to a slab leak.


Sound of Rushing Water

One of the ways to know if there’s indeed a slab leak is by using your sense of hearing. Turn off all your water sources, such as the dishwasher and faucet. Then, head to your home’s first floor. If you hear the sound of rushing water underneath the floor, call a plumber to check for a slab leak.


Contact a Professional Plumber Immediately

If you suspect there’s a slab leak in your property, immediately contact your local, licensed plumbing contractor. If left unrepaired, a slab leak can cause significant damage to your home. 


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