Gladewater’s A/C Pros Share the Tasks Involved in A/C Maintenance Service

What’s Included in a Professional A/C Maintenance Service?

 A/C is a very expensive appliance for any home or business owner; that’s why it is crucial to have your A/C unit serviced every year. Neglecting your unit can lead to costly repairs, among other problems like mold growth.  

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Reasons to Get Your A/C Unit Serviced

Routine air conditioning maintenance in Gladewater, TX can benefit your unit in a plethora of ways, including the following:

  • Routine air conditioning maintenance will help keep your unit running more efficiently. Therefore, the system can cool your home without using more power than necessary; hence, you can avoid energy waste and high electric bills.
  • An A/C that isn’t maintained regularly is at risk of damage. The issue, if left undetected, can develop into a massive problem that requires a costly repair. 
  • When problems like water leaks go undetected because of the lack of air conditioning maintenance, it can result in more problems like mold growth. Mold grows in damp and dark environments. This fungus can release chemicals that could harm your health once inhaled. 
  • Regular air conditioning maintenance will help keep your A/C in its best condition. An efficient system will keep your indoor living environment more comfortable. Plus, you can avoid going into an A/C repair near Gladewater, TX, frequently. 
  • It helps you keep your A/C warranty. Most quality A/C comes with a manufacturer’s warranty covering repair costs, but it often comes with a few requirements. One of the common requirements is to have your A/C maintained by certified technicians. Failure to comply can void the warranty.

What’s Included in an Air Conditioning Maintenance Service?


Most air conditioning maintenance contractors offer maintenance packages. The maintenance tasks included in those packages will vary from contractor to contractor. But they usually include the following:

  1. Inspection of all the electrical wiring and connections to ensure there are no loose wires or damaged parts.
  2. Checking the thermostat and calibrating the device if needed
  3. Cleaning interior and exterior vents and fans
  4. Cleaning and replacing (if needed) the air filter
  5. Cleaning the outdoor unit
  6. Cleaning coils and condensate drain lines
  7. Checking for corrosion, leaks, and other problems
  8. Checking all compressor controls
  9. Checking on refrigerant pressure levels (If the level drop below the required amount, the A/C technician can also re-charge it)
  10. Testing the blower motor
  11. Examining all safety controls so you can operate your unit without putting the equipment, your property, and your loved ones at risk
  12. Lubricating motor parts because moving parts that aren’t lubricated can be damaged due to friction

 Air conditioning contractors are often always ready to discuss their maintenance packages with you. Sometimes, this information is also displayed on the website. 

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