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Oil Vs. Gas Furnace: Which One Is Better

Oil Vs. Gas Furnace: Which One Is Better
Are you thinking of installing a new furnace and you are indecisive between oil and gas?  Well, each type has its pros and cons so it is important to explore all possible options before you make a decision. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of oil vs. gas furnace. Oil Furnace Benefits Oil furnace has a few benefits over its gas counterpart. Oil-fueled types basically cost less than gas models, and they provide more heat per British Thermal Unit (BTU) compared to gas. Oil versions are also relatively easier to service. Oil Furnace Disadvantages However, oil-fueled furnace has also its drawbacks. For instance, they get dirty due to soot and dirt build-up, thus they usually need more frequent filter replacement and more maintenance. If your home is using oil heating, you require on-site storage tanks. Also, oil-powered furnaces have lower annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), with a maximum of only 90 AFUE. Gas Furnace Benefits On the other hand, gas-powered furnaces also have several benefits over oil heating. Gas furnaces need less maintenance and the gas is cheaper compared to other fuels. Gas types are basically the most efficient units, with the newer units topping an AFUE of up to 98. Gas Furnace Disadvantages For areas with no or limited access to gas, a gas-fueled furnace is obviously not perfect for you. Also, gas furnaces are more expensive compared to oil versions and the gas tends to be less efficient. When weighing the pros and cons of a gas vs. oil furnace, do not forget to consider your home heating needs. If you are torn between these two choices and you can’t make a final decision, the best way to go is to seek advice from a trusted heating and cooling company. If you need help deciding between oil vs. gas furnace, call us at Napps.


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