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How to Avoid a Frightful Halloween Plumbing Disaster

How to Avoid a Frightful Halloween Plumbing Disaster

There’s something scarier than zombies, ghosts, and spooky pumpkin heads. For homeowners, a plumbing disaster like a slow draining sink, a drippy faucet, a clogged toilet, or a faulty pipe can be the worst Halloween experience.

For your peace of mind this Halloween season, here’s how to avoid a frightful plumbing disaster:

Don’t Put Pumpkin Remains Down the Drain

The worst scare can come after Halloween. The dense remains of the pumpkin guts, rinds, and seeds do not belong in the drain. Be mindful of how you dispose of these elements, as they can damage your disposal blades, pipes, and the whole system.

Don’t Ignore Spooky Sounds from Your Pipes

Frightening sounds might not scare you anymore, but the sudden banging, rattling, or the squealing of your pipes is a different story. If you haven’t done your plumbing maintenance yet, then you may have loose pipes or high water pressure causing these strange sounds. Call a professional plumber to investigate and fix the issue.

Don’t Treat Your Toilet Like A Trash Can

If you have kids or relatives joining in for dinner, your toilet might be at risk. Putting candy wrappers, pumpkin seeds, leftover Halloween makeup, and other similar things can clog the toilet, making it unusable. Remind your guests and family members not to flush anything other than toilet paper and waste.

Don’t Let Your Faucets Keep Dripping

Are you aware that a simple drip can add up to extra gallons of wasted water? It may not be noticeable, but a single drip that you ignore may be the one to scare you once when you see your water bill.

Should you experience a Halloween plumbing disaster, call (903) 218-7744 right away. At NAPPS, we provide complete solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC, sheet metal fabrication, and plumbing projects.


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