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Regular maintenance is an important part of keeping your heating system in good shape. Without it, your system can’t provide the warm air you need or even increase your monthly utility costs. Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing provide top-quality heater system maintenance in Gladewater, TX.

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What an HVAC Contractor Does During Heating Maintenance


Wondering what your HVAC contractor does during the maintenance visit? The service involves a series of tests, cleaning, inspection, adjustment, and more.

Here are the common services your technician might do during heater system maintenance in Gladewater, TX:


Inspect Your Indoor Components


Technicians will start by checking your indoor components. They will check the blower assembly, combustion blower, coils, condensate lines, drip pan, burner assembly, ignition system, duct system, air filter, flue system, and more. The safety controls will be tested, as well. Your wiring, connections, and control box will be cleaned and tightened.

Any potential problem in these components will be addressed and fixed earlier before they cause major trouble.


Check the Outdoor Components


Your outdoor component can be prone to damages due to extreme summer. To address this, your technician will check the unit’s cabinet, compressor, coil, safety controls, control box, wiring, switches, condensate lines, and drain pans. They will also check and lubricate the moving parts such as blades and fan motors. Your unit’s refrigerant level will be measured, and if necessary, recharge it (if you’re using a heat pump).


Program Your Thermostat


As the weather switches, there should be some changes reflected in your thermostat’s temperature setting. Also, when it is time to switch from one system to the next or when you prefer not to run your unit too often, it is best to choose the best temperature setting for optimal energy savings. Your technician should be able to listen to your preferences and help customize the most efficient temperature setting for your space.


Recommend IAQ Solutions


Your space should remain breathable and livable for everyone. That is why your contractor should include IAQ tests during the heater system maintenance in Gladewater, TX. In addition, they might recommend some IAQ solutions to keep your home as comfortable and as possible.


Recommend Maintenance Plans


Your contractor may also recommend a maintenance plan for you. This is the most effective solution if you want to stay away from costly service calls. Instead of scheduling individual repairs and pay for each every time you have emergencies, why not get a maintenance agreement and pay only once for all the services it covered?


While there are simple tasks you can do to fix some heating problems, you must bring in the pros for complex issues. If that’s the case, you came to the right place.


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