Beware Of These HVAC Scams

Beware Of These HVAC Scams
You may probably have heard a scary story about a homeowner who got scammed by a dishonest HVAC contractor. Sad to say, not all heating and cooling contractors deserve your trust. Watch out for these common signs of HVAC scams. Recommends Unnecessary Replacement Be extra vigilant when a technician tells you that your heating unit is leaking gas and carbon monoxide and recommends replacement right away. The contractor should be able to show some proofs such as a crack on the unit. It’s best to seek second opinion from an expert you know and trust. Tells You That The Bigger The Better Size matters when it comes to HVAC unit, but it doesn’t mean that the bigger is a better option. An oversized unit means costlier purchase and installation. The company should be able to explain you the formula of getting the size and load of heating and cooling units. Offers Special Rate That Is Too Good To Be True When hiring professional service for your HVAC unit, some companies offer free or special rate that is too good to be true. These feel-good specials are just their way of luring you into their mischievous plan. They will try to get their foot into your door and then charge you for more additional rates. To avoid this scam, ask for a written estimate. Tells You That You Need Replacement of Several Components If a component of your heating and cooling unit breaks down, it is basically a single component, or two, but not several all at once. When the company recommends you to replace several components, then it’s best to seek second opinion first. Recommends Frequent Tune-ups. While it is true that tune-ups are paramount to your system’s health, it has to be done once a year. Shady HVAC companies try to schedule tune-ups before the season arrives, 4 times a year or even more. Beware of these common signs of HVAC scams. Call Napps for honest and reliable HVAC service.


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