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Is Your Heating System Making You Sick? Here’s What You Can Do


Your home should be a safe haven for you and your loved ones. Unfortunately, you may not realize the fact that your home heating and cooling systems can make you sick. And this winter season, your heating system should not put your health at stake. These tips from Napps can help.

Sign Up For Annual HVAC Maintenance

Your heating system mainly circulates the air all throughout your home, keeping a constant temperature. However, the air inside your home can become stagnant due to several reasons. As a result, germs and mold find it easier to take hold into your heating system. Regular HVAC maintenance in North Texas will help you make it through the winter season safe.

Make Your Home A Little Bit Cooler

Your home is absolutely the perfect place for germs and viruses to grow especially during the cold days. You may try wrapping yourself up in a blanket instead of cranking up the heat when the thermostat drops. You can impede the survival of these unwanted elements by keeping your home a little bit cooler.

Replace The Air Filter Regularly

By changing the air filter regularly, you can keep indoor pollutants at bay, thus you and your loved ones enjoy a clean and pure indoor air. Air conditioning and heating experts in North Texas highly recommend changing your air filters every three months.

Contact The Experts

Winter is a cold and flu season and it can be very alarming. Bring in a professional to repair your furnace and maintenance to lower the risk of indoor pollutants in your home. A qualified HVAC contractor can help you in ensuring that your HVAC system is running efficiently all year round.

Do not let your heating system make you sick. Contact us at Napps to make sure that you enjoy a clean and safe indoor environment this winter season.

Beware Of These HVAC Scams

You may probably have heard a scary story about a homeowner who got scammed by a dishonest HVAC contractor. Sad to say, not all heating and cooling contractors deserve your trust. Watch out for these common signs of HVAC scams.

Recommends Unnecessary Replacement

Be extra vigilant when a technician tells you that your heating unit is leaking gas and carbon monoxide and recommends replacement right away. The contractor should be able to show some proofs such as a crack on the unit. It’s best to seek second opinion from an expert you know and trust.

Tells You That The Bigger The Better

Size matters when it comes to HVAC unit, but it doesn’t mean that the bigger is a better option. An oversized unit means costlier purchase and installation. The company should be able to explain you the formula of getting the size and load of heating and cooling units.

Offers Special Rate That Is Too Good To Be True

When hiring professional service for your HVAC unit, some companies offer free or special rate that is too good to be true. These feel-good specials are just their way of luring you into their mischievous plan. They will try to get their foot into your door and then charge you for more additional rates. To avoid this scam, ask for a written estimate.

Tells You That You Need Replacement of Several Components

If a component of your heating and cooling unit breaks down, it is basically a single component, or two, but not several all at once. When the company recommends you to replace several components, then it’s best to seek second opinion first.

Recommends Frequent Tune-ups.

While it is true that tune-ups are paramount to your system’s health, it has to be done once a year. Shady HVAC companies try to schedule tune-ups before the season arrives, 4 times a year or even more.

Beware of these common signs of HVAC scams. Call Napps for honest and reliable HVAC service.

Benefits of Signing Up For Furnace Tune-up

Your local HVAC technician might have advised you to upgrade your furnace. And you should know it’s a good thing for your unit. Furnace problems are red flags to remind us of the benefits of professional tune-up. Here are amazing reasons to upgrade your heating unit.

Maximum System Efficiency

The efficiency of your furnace can start to decline in a year or two after installation. With a regular tune-up, you can rest easy knowing that your unit’s efficiency is at full gear all year round. Professional furnace tune-up will ensure that all parts of your system are in good shape, and that you enjoy a much lower heating cost and more comfortable indoor space all throughout seasons.

Cozy Home

One of the best parts of your furnace tune-up is that it keeps your home cozy and warm throughout the harsh season. With regular cleaning coupled with proper maintenance, your furnace should work at its best condition. HVAC specialists advise homeowners to sign up for furnace tune-up for winter warmth.

Less Repair Needs

Professional furnace tune-ups can reduce repair needs. The truth is that most repair jobs are due to poor or lack of maintenance. Regular furnace maintenance allows your local HVAC experts to ensure that all parts of your unit are properly tightened, connected and sealed.

Reduced air pollution

Over time, your furnace accumulates dirt and dust and other harmful particles. This can be confined in the air filter, on the coils, and even in the system itself. These particles won’t only harm the efficiency of your unit, but they can also affect you and your family’s health especially for those who have asthma or allergic problems.

As you can see, you’ll be rewarded with amazing benefits when you sign up for furnace tune-up. Call the experts at Napps to keep your heating and cooling units in good condition.

Don’t Make This The Last Winter Of Your Gas Furnace

When it comes to heating your home, you can count on your gas furnace. But just like all other appliances in your house, it can also let you down. It’s too early to lose your unit so be sure to have these important procedures done at a regular basis.

Find leaks and seal them.

If you’re going to do this yourself, you need to be extra careful and ensure safety before starting to take the maintenance job. Switch off the power supply and don’t go near the area where you suspect gas leaks. This is very risky so if you’re not sure of the procedure, it would be best to hire a licensed technician to do the job.

Have a regular air filter replacement.

Clean air filter is one of the major necessities of your gas furnace. There are some which only needs to be cleaned but there are also those which need to be replaced. Dirty filter causes your unit to work harder which leads to overheating and eventually system failure. You can do air filter replacement and cleaning yourself so it won’t cost you much to keep this component maintained.

Keep the furnace clean.

Dirty ducts truly bring trouble in your furnace and even greater discomfort in your part. Be sure to keep your furnace clean but since new ones are sealed, you need to conduct a rigorous cleaning. If you want a complete and safe furnace cleaning, hire an expert to do it.

Increase the efficiency of your unit.

You can start by sealing air leaks especially in the basement and attic. Leaks strain your system and make it work at longer period of time. You can also invest on programmable thermostat to keep just the right heating that your home needs and to reduce utility cost. Also, have an expert examine if the ducts are properly sealed and insulated.

Schedule a regular furnace inspection.

Nothing beats being proactive in your heating system, especially your furnace. Regular furnace inspection can help find those small glitches so you can provide necessary solution before they bring major issues in the unit. Better get your furnace checked by professional HVAC technicians to ensure accurate service and results.

These tips can help your gas furnace last longer than what you expected. If you notice early signs of problems, feel free to call the professionals at Napps Cooling, Heating and Plumbing and have the issue solved.

How To Prevent The Most Common HVAC Emergency Problems

At Napps Cooling, heating and Plumbing, we understand that even with the utmost care, HVAC emergency still takes place and worst, it comes at the very least you expect it. We cannot prevent these situations from happening, but we can always find ways to reduce the chance of these unexpected chaos.  Here are some tips that our experienced professionals would like to share.

Most Common Causes of HVAC Failure

HVAC breakdown is the most frequently reported heating and cooling emergencies in Southlake, TX and the neighbouring towns. The most common causes of furnace failure include:

  • Furnace is old and components are starting to wear and tear.
  • Dirty air filters add strain to the units, causing it to overwork.
  • Thermostat is malfunctioning giving wrong commands to your furnace.
  • The ignition or pilot is not operating properly.

Meanwhile, the most common causes of air conditioning unit breakdown are:

  • Leaking refrigerants stresses your units and takes too long to cool your home.
  • Electric control failure which sometimes lead to system overwork and some electrical glitches in the components.
  • Sensor problems provide wrong information on your air conditioning unit and may cause it to work continuously.
  • Improper drainage can cause damage on the mechanical components of your A/C.

It is important be prepared in case these circumstances rise in, especially on the financial aspect. Experiencing these with an empty bank account can lead you to borrow money from the bank with interest charges, hire some shoddy repair technicians, or let the season end without your HVAC system.

Tips To Avoid HVAC Emergency Problems

Save for the unexpected. Build up your savings for the most surprising situations, especially to your heating and cooling systems. Spare a little portion from your cash every payday. It won’t leave you cramming when your HVAC fails in the middle of the night.

Sign up for a home warranty program. A warranty maintenance program will give you assurance that your units are well-maintained. This will also give you the priority benefit when it comes to HVAC emergency services.

Schedule a regular HVAC tune-up. Be sure to have a regular inspection and maintenance on your HVAC system. There are easy DIY steps that you can do but you can also hire an HVAC professional to do it for you.

Maintenance, repair, emergency services, name it! Our experts at Napps are ready to provide you with the best solutions to your HVAC problems.

Show Your Furnace Some TLC

You depend on your heating and cooling system for your comfort throughout the year, especially when the winter breeze starts to blow. It’s just right that you give your furnace some tender love and care. You don’t have to turn it off so it won’t get tired or overheat. You just need to give it a regular maintenance which includes the following routines.

  • Change furnace filters regularly. Filter replacement is a necessity in an HVAC system no matter what time of the year it is. Changing air filters will not just ensure clean air inside your home, but it will also lessen the burden of your unit as well. This means that your unit will operate without obstruction which can also lead to its prolonged service years.
  • Keep the area clean. There are cases when leaves, twigs and other debris get into your outdoor units. See to it that you regularly monitor and keep clean the surrounding area of your HVAC system. This will help prevent obstructed airflow which is detrimental to the overall performance of the unit.
  • Clean air vents. Dust may accumulate in the vents. You can easily remove them with a damp cloth. Most of the time, however, it isn’t dust that’s obstructing the air flow but the furniture placed near the vents. If this is the case in your home, start removing those items and put them at certain distance from the vents. These obstructions can cause your unit to work harder and at longer period of time.
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats are great devices to manage the temperature in your home. You can always set the temperature based on your lifestyle habit. Programmable thermostats even give you big savings by learning your routines and automatically adjust the temperature when it sensed that you’re no longer in the house.
  • Bleed your valves. Open the valves slightly if you’re using a hot-water radiator then close it again when water starts to appear. This is a good method to prevent the water from freezing in the pipe, creating blocks of ice which are big issues in your HVAC unit.

Take good care of your HVAC units as much as you care about you home. There are easy maintenance tips that you can do to keep your units in tiptop shape all year round. If the situation turns bad, don’t hesitate to call Napps Cooling, heating and Plumbing.


Let Your Ears Tell You if Your Furnace is Acting Up

Don’t wait until your furnace completely breaks down before realizing that something is wrong with it. Sometimes it only needs your ears to know if your unit has gone wrong. Here are some disturbing sounds indicating that there’s something wrong with your furnace.

Grinding Noise

Grinding noise is a sign that some components of your furnace are knocking together. It can also mean that debris finds its way inside your unit and keeps on bouncing to and from, damaging your furnace motor. This never happens when your unit is in tiptop shape. Call a licensed heating and cooling technician and be sure to address the situation immediately.

Humming Noise

Your furnace never sings, so don’t expect that the humming is a normal sound on its operation. Humming noise is an indication that some, if not all, parts of your unit are overworked and are starting to wear out. This is simply telling you that some parts are nearing failure. Have your furnace checked right away by your trusted heating and cooling expert.

Banging Noise

The banging sound that you hear when you run your furnace is a sign of lose parts. Lose components can bump into other parts and may cause great vibrations. If this happens, other components will be damaged and the entire function of the unit will be affected.  This might just lead you to expensive repairs if not, complete furnace replacement so better give it your attention the soonest possible time.

Proper Care Of Your Furnace

Why opt for system repair and replacement when you can prevent these noises from taking place. And to do that, your system only needs to be regularly maintained. Just like your need of regular health check, your furnace also needs to be examined to make sure that each part is ready to run effectively, without any reason that can delay the right comfort that you need.

Your ears can help you determine even the smallest glitches in your furnace. If you hear these noises, don’t wait for days and nights before calling a heating and cooling expert to make a final diagnosis of your unit. Sometimes, your furnace just needs a minor tune-up, a simple repair or a replacement of parts. All these concerns can be taken care of by a professional technician.

Why Use An Air Cleaner Or Purifier?

Indoor air is more prone to pollution and bad particles than the outside air. That’s why you need more than just your HVAC filters to keep the air clean. An air purifier is designed to help HVAC systems in providing healthy comfort for you and your family. However, there are some concerns regarding the use of it. Here are some considerations that you need to take note.

How long should air purifiers be used?

Air purifiers are intended to reduce allergens, pollutions and other airborne particles inside your home. And since these particles come and go all the time, air purifiers are made for extended service hours to keep the air clean.

The length of time that you need to use your air purifiers depends on the type, model, your location and other factors such as pets and respiratory diseases. There are written guidelines in the user manual but generally, air purifiers are used between five to eight hours. However, you can always turn it back on if you are not yet satisfied with the air quality.

How can you save electricity while using air purifiers?

It’s true that air purifiers can be an addition to your energy consumption. Even so, you still need them to clean the air you breathe. Good thing, you can conserve energy while maximizing the service of your air purifiers by turning them on only when you’re inside your home. You don’t need to keep it operating when no one is around.

Also, if it’s not the allergens that bother you, don’t use your air purifiers. If the weather permits, open your windows instead. Allow for natural ventilation and let smoke and other airborne particles move out of your window while taking in the fresh air. Regular cleaning and vacuuming can also lessen your dependence on your air purifiers.

You can also minimize its use depending on the time of the year. If pollens and allergy counts are at the highest point, use it longer. But if it’s not, reducing its service time is a wise choice.

When should air filters be changed?

There are quality filters which last for several months to two years without replacement. However, to ensure good results, clean air filters every few weeks. Replacement depends on the quality of filters you have.

Investing on air purifiers is a good choice. Maximize its operation by knowing how to efficiently use them. This will ensure healthy indoor air quality for extended periods of time.

Benefits of Proper HVAC Installation

The challenge of owning a heating and cooling system does not end after you purchase the unit. You have a greater challenge ahead of you- the installation process. No matter how good your HVAC unit is, if not properly installed, it will do you no good. Here are the reasons why proper installation is a must for HVAC units.

It ensures the quality and performance of your unit.

A properly installed heating and cooling system can guarantee excellent and efficient performance. It is not just the performance that is compromised when the installation fails. Even the unit itself can be subjected to wearing and tearing. If your unit is not in the right position, it may cause strong vibrations when the system is in use which can affect the components inside.

It reduces energy bill.

Installing your system correctly will give you reasonable energy bill since there’s no wasted energy.  Your unit will function at peak performance so expect a smooth and efficient operation. If not installed properly, your system may take too long to heat or cool your home which means greater energy usage.

It prevents frequent repairs.

If your heating and cooling system is poorly installed, it is more prone to problems which can lead to frequent repairs. Chances are, your system will freeze up, cause individual parts to fail and condensation may leak out to your home and cause great discomfort.

Why hire only licensed HVAC professionals for system installation?

To ensure that your system is properly installed, call only licensed heating and cooling professionals. They are the right persons to whom you should put your trust for your HVAC systems’ maintenance and installation. Aside from keeping the systems in place, they also secure your home and family’s safety against any mishaps due to poor system installation.

It’s true that you can save money from bargain technicians, but services rendered can be inefficient and may cause problems to your system. Licensed HVAC experts guarantee proper installation as well as system maintenance. It may cost you upfront, but the service is certainly worth it in the long run.

At NAPPS Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of proper HVAC installation, so we assure you that only the highly-abled hands of our licensed experts will touch your deeply cherished investments.


5 Benefits of a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Savvy homeowners prefer the best HVAC deals where they can enjoy great savings and control their home’s cooling and heating situation even miles away – the very things that Wi-Fi thermostat offers. If you’re still doubtful of this technology, here are other good reasons why you need a Wi-Fi thermostat for your home.

  1. Easy Control

If you are a busy person, you probably won’t have time to spare for your manually operated thermostat. Good thing, Wi-Fi thermostats give you full control of your home’s temperature even you’re away from home. Simply by getting your smartphones and clicking on the apps which features remote access, you’ll be able to operate your thermostat in no time. This also works best if you need to adjust the temperature but doesn’t feel like getting out of bed.

  1. Saves money

Most of the time, your thermostats are at fault, when you’ve got lots of wasted energy causing your utility bill to rise. With Wi-Fi thermostats, you don’t have to worry if the temperature suddenly alters in the middle of the night or while you are away. It will adjust to the changes automatically thus saving you from wasted energy.

  1. Provides Reports

Your Wi-Fi thermostat keeps an eye on your home by sending you helpful reports. Through the apps, you’ll be able to receive notification on your energy usage, recommendations on saving energy, and maintenance reports. You will be warned if your unit needs repair or there are system issues which need your attention. In some cases, they also provide forecasts on weather alterations.

  1. Observes Outdoor Conditions

To give the right temperature for your home, Wi-Fi thermostats connect with the outdoor sensors and get the exact temperature and humidity level. With these information, you’ll be able to maintain and adjust your home’s temperature and humidity level correctly which can save you money as well.

  1. Records Temperature Changes

We cannot deny the fact that family members or even roommates vary in their temperature needs. With Wi-Fi thermostats, the apps keep records if someone changes the temperature setting and when it was changed.

If you are looking for the best products to save on your heating and cooling bill, you can start with a Wi-Fi thermostat. Call your HVAC contractor and join the long list of wise homeowners with Wi-Fi thermostats installed in their homes.