Quality A/C Installation
in Henderson TX

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Quality A/C Installation in Henderson TX

Do you need a brand new air conditioning unit for your new residence/office or want to upgrade your outdated air conditioning unit to a more modern, energy-efficient one? Perhaps, your existing A/C broke down.

Whatever your situation is, Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing is here to provide quality A/C installation in Henderson, TX. Our team of skilled installers will make sure your unit is properly installed so you can enjoy lasting comfort.

Air Conditioning: What are Your Options?

Air conditioning systems come in various types and sizes, each of which has its best applications. Knowing your options can help you make a faster, more informed purchasing decision. 

Central Air Conditioning Systems

This type of air conditioning system is capable of cooling multiple rooms simultaneously. Also known as a ducted system, a central air conditioning unit uses ductwork to distribute cooled air throughout the building evenly. It’s the most cost-effective option if you need to cool several rooms at once. But the installation could be quite expensive if your building or home does not have existing ductwork.

Some central A/C units come with an indoor and outdoor unit, while other units have all the components housed in a single casing. The latter is also known as packaged central A/C units and is often used in small commercial buildings.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless mini-splits can only cool the room where it is installed. So if there’s a room in your house/building that needs an independent cooling system, this type of A/C is the way to go. And as the name implies, ductless mini-split does not require any ductwork. So ductless A/C installation in Henderson, TX is way easier, faster, and often cheaper than the ducted system. 

Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner has all its components housed in a single casing. But unlike the package type of central A/C, portable A/C does not need installation. All the unit needs to run is a working power outlet and a window. It’s the best option if you need a temporary cooling solution or often change apartment.

Geothermal Air Conditioner

This type of air conditioning system uses an underground loop set up to offer heating and cooling. It uses electricity minimally just to power the pump, compressor, and fan. So it’s an ideal option for homeowners who want to lower their carbon footprint and help protect the environment without compromising their comfort.

The downside of this option is its expensive upfront cost. But you’ll save money in the long run because of it’s low operational cost.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are not completely similar to air conditioners that use refrigerant but can be just as effective, specifically in hot, dry climates. It is better known as swamp coolers and uses water and air to generate cool air instead of refrigerant.  

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We are a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, which means we only install the most reliable A/C brand for your home or business. The products we carry are energy-efficient so that you can stay comfortable and cool throughout the summer without the stress of high cooling bills. 

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