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Your air conditioner is an investment for home comfort. More than anything else, it should be the one functioning properly to combat the extreme summer heat. If you need A/C installation in Marshall, TX, you should get expert advice before deciding where to install the unit and which one you should purchase.

Napps Cooling Heating & Plumbing has been in the service for Texan home and business owners for generations. We’ve been installing air conditioning units since 1950, providing customers with the expert services they deserve.

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Where You Should Not Install Your A/C?

You can’t just install your air conditioner in any part of the house. It takes technical know-how to know the best spots in your home where to put these appliances.

Here are a few tips that might come in handy:


Do not put them in the hotter areas of your home

Sometimes we think that the best place to install your A/C is in the house areas that get a lot of heat. These include the house’s sides that get plenty of sunlight or areas that don’t get a lot of shade during the day.

However, installing your air conditioning in these parts will reduce its effectiveness. It will just end up working too hard during the day while increasing your power bill.


Do not install them near fire hazards

Air conditioning units should not be installed in areas where there is a potential electrical fire hazard. The electrical system in the house should be inspected along with the surrounding environment, as well. Your A/C should not share any circuit with other appliances–this means that they should have their own for safe operation.


Do not install them near trash bins

Installing your equipment near trash bins or garbage cans may cause terrible smells inside your home. As your A/C blows the cool air, the smell of garbage can also come with it, making your home stinking.


Do not install them in hidden areas of the house

Some people may think that an air conditioning unit is a bit of an eyesore—enough reason to hide the system behind couches or even plants. This is actually counter-intuitive since it reduces the effectiveness of the A/C in cooling your home.

Napps Experts Provides the Best A/C Installation

Our team can help you identify the right type and size of air conditioner for your home. We can inspect your premises, identify potential problem points, and determine the best places to install your unit.

When you call us, our staff will inquire about the room’s floor area and other factors that impact the installation work. We help you do the math and give you tips about which brand and make to purchase.

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