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5 Plumbing Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

5 Plumbing Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

It is not every day that you encounter plumbing problems. But that doesn’t mean you just have to ignore your plumbing system and be at ease at all times. But when wear and tear begin to become obvious in your drains and pipes, you know you’ll be faced with huge trouble. That is why it is best to know if your plumbing is running faulty to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Call the pros of Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing right away when you see the five (5) warning signs:

Toilet Trouble

While small blockages in your sewage lines can be cleared by quick plunging, other serious problems like frequent blockages, foul odors, and unusual sounds will require professional attention. So if you observe that the water doesn’t go down fast, then call your local plumbing company in Longview, TX to address and resolve the problem.

Slow Drainage

Slow drainage means there’s a partial blockage that disrupts the proper function of your drain line. It could also mean there’s a bigger issue on the other parts of the plumbing system. Monitor how fast the water drains from your tubs and sinks. Make sure to check your drainage, and if you found out something weird, ask for professional help right away.  

Inconsistent Flow of Water

The strength of the water that flows in your tub, shower, and sink should be consistent when you turn on your faucets. If one of your faucets has a low flow rate, your aerator might be clogged, or there’s a mineral build-up in your pipe. Talk to your plumbing company in Longview, TX to replace the steel pipes.

Water Discoloration

If your water starts to change color, especially in a few seconds of its flow, it could mean that rust and metals have formed in your pipe. This might also indicate that your anode rods on your water tank need replacement (if you have a water tank heater at home). Don’t let this problem affect your water quality or cause skin irritation in the future. Your Longview plumbers have the solution you need for this issue.

Pipe Issues

Go around your home and inspect your pipes to spot the signs of moisture. Pipes that are exposed under your sinks or behind your toilet tanks are prone to moisture problems. Also, listen to them when you quickly shut off the water. Banging or rattling sound inside your pipe means it is loose or not properly supported.

Whatever plumbing issues you face in your Longview, TX home, know that there are effective solutions available to restore your system’s function. Contact our expert plumbers at Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing today. 


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