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Oil Heating: Interesting Facts You Should Know

When it comes to heating houses and commercial spaces, heating oil is one of the top options. Do you know why? There are many reasons why it remains popular and in-demand.

If you want to find out more about heating oil, here are interesting facts that will make you realize it is a smart choice.

How is it produced?

Heating oil comes from petroleum. The fuel is produced by heating the crude oil at a high temperature. Once done, the oil condenses from 250 degree Celsius up to 350 degree Celsius.

Other Names for Heating Oil

Heating oil has various names in different places. But, they all mean the same thing. Below are some examples.

  • Gas Oil
  • Paraffin
  • Kerosene
  • Fuel Oil
  • 28 Second Heating Oil

Summer Is the Best Time to Buy Heating Oil

Did you know that heating oil is much cheaper in summer? Yes, you read it right! Buying heating oil during the hot season can save you a bigger amount of money. It is relatively cheap when you do not need it (obviously because it is summer). When the demand is lower, the price is lower, too.

Is Oil Heating Safe?

Heating oil for residential use should only be paired with the advanced burning system in your furnace or oil-burner. Oil is definitely safe to use. It is not explosive, unlike natural gas. In fact, you can even drop a match into it. Inhaling a fuel oil fume is not fatal compared to other types of gases.

Being environment-friendly is another good thing about heating oil. Over the past years, its sulfur content has been reduced up to 93% which makes it ideal for home use. Recent studies by Oil & Energy state that heating oil is less damaging to the environment in terms of overall emissions.

The Supply Can Meet the Demand

When using heating oil, you have nothing to worry about the supply even when the demand is high. World heating oil reserves are abundant and enough for all its users. Moreover, current advancements in industry technology guarantee that oil supplies remain abundant in the future.

Is Heating Oil Clean and Energy Efficient?

With heating oil, you are sure that your heating system produces no dirt or odor. Why? Because oil heat is 95% clean! Energy efficiency ratings of heating appliances that use fuel oil range from 83% to 95%. Furthermore, heating oil produces around 140,000 BTUs of heat every gallon which is equivalent to 100,000 BTUs from natural gas.

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10 Fun Plumbing Facts You Never Knew

Plumbing has been around for centuries now yet, most of us are still unaware of its basic facts and information. While it is not completely necessary to be well-versed in dealing with plumbing issues, it can be useful to know these plumbing facts.

  1. The word ‘plumbing’ originally came from “plumbum” which is a Latin word for lead. This is where the atomic symbol for lead (Pb) was adapted from.


  1. Standardized plumbing began around 3,000 B.C., where the early civilization in Indus River Valley used plumbing pipes to transport water and drain wastes. Take note that the pipes are made of clay or mud.


  1. As the water travels from the heater to your plumbing fixtures like faucet and bathroom, heat loss may happen in the process. Yet, by insulating your residential pipes, you can cut the amount of heat loss. It can help you save a great amount on energy bills.


  1. The term ‘bathroom’ has many different names in various places all over the world. Some of the most favorite names include: House of Horror (Egypt), Necessarium (Rome), House of Privy or House of Privacy (England), La Chambre Sent (France) and House of Honor (Israel). Such funny names!


  1. Is a leaking faucet not a big deal to you? Think again! A dripping faucet can waste over 3,000 gallons of water in a year.


  1. John Harrington invented the first flushing toilet in 1956. This is why others would call their bathroom as “the John.”


  1. Did you know what caused King George II of Great Britain to die unpredictably? He died not because of illness but because of falling off the toilet on October 25, 1760. How unfortunate!


  1. Do you know the most famous plumbers ever existed? They are Mario and Luigi of the video game, Super Mario Brothers!


  1. Sir William Congreve was a British man who invented the first fire sprinkler system. The pipes were punched along the ceilings, and a regulator was installed outside the building to control the water that runs through the pipes.


  1. An average person spends three years of his entire life sitting on the toilet. (That sounds gross, but we hope that you brought a good book to read while sitting).

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